Popular C.M.
Popular C.M.

Popular counting machine with high cost-efficiency is widely applied to tablets, pills, capsules and special-shaped product。


Infrared optical sensor.

8-inch color touch screen is storing up to varied product recipes.

Vibration control system with DC adjustable frequency.

Electric lifting mechanism is easy to change the container with different height.

SMC pneumatic components, international brand parts.

Complying with new GMP, FDA requirement.

Easy clean and maintenance.

The members are:

  • CP-08

    8 channels, Single funnel
    4000 tablets/min; 30-50 bottles/min

  • CP-12

    12 channels,Single funnel
    6000 tablets/min; 30-50 bottles/min

  • CP-16

    16 channels, Dual funnels
    8000 tablets/min; 60-100 bottles/min

  • CP-24

    24 channels, Dual funnels
    12000 tablets/min; 60-100 bottles/min

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